Trail Report #2

Thursday, July 28, 2011

 2010 / 2011 *

Tip Top Mountain, 2N90, 2N90A, 2N90B, 2N90C  
Adopt-A-Trail, Trail Report # 2

Trail:  Tip Top Mountain, 2N90, 2N90A, 2N90B & 2N90C

Club:   Capo Valley 4 Wheelers

Reported by: Bob Schaich (Capo Valley 4 Wheelers Adopt A Trail Co Coordinator)

Date:  Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weather: Clear, Calm, High 60’s,

Work Performed:    Checked out the condition of our trails 2N90, A, B, & C to see what damage was done by the wet winter season we had this year. Surprisingly there was no water damage done to the trails and no fallen trees across the trails. I was pleased to see that there was no trash to pick up either. How ever I was disappointed to find that someone used the metal trail identification sign located at the beginning of the trail as a target. The bullets did not go through the sign but they did destroy all the decals that were on the sign.

Work Performed By:  Bob Schaich,
Travel Time to Big Bear and
Return Home, Per Person:     6 Hours x 1 person = 6 Hours           

Hours Worked, Per Person:         6 Hours x 1 person = 5 Hours

Total Man Hours:  11 Hours

Upon entering the forest at the intersection of 2N01 & route 38 I passed two pickup trucks that were loaded with fire wood coming out of the forest. When leaving the forest I met up with a fellow Adopt A Trail volunteer that had been working on 2N04 with his club. 2N01 from route 38 to 2N02 is in good shape. Road surface is dry with no ruts.

* Forest service fiscal year is from Oct 1, 2010 to Sept 30, 2011