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Friday, October 6, 2017 7:21pm

October 6, 2017


Dear Capo Valley Four Wheelers,


I want to thank each of you for your generosity, kindness, and love. I was deeply touched when Doug came home and started pulling money and checks out of his pocket. Your donations have gone to getting things my father has asked for and for things he hasn’t thought of yet as he progresses day by day to get back to what is normal for Puerto Rico. I sent Doug to mail these boxes filled with goods purchased with your donations, which should arrive before I do. Today, we were working on getting a chainsaw to send to him.




I received a call from my father this morning. He’d been trying to call me since we last spoke on Tuesday morning and finally got through this morning. He is doing the best he can and said my sister was finally able to do a load of laundry yesterday now that there is water getting to them by gravity. They have to rush to do as much washing and cleaning as they can before it runs out later in the day. There isn’t enough pressure to reach the living space on the second floor so showers are still not a possibility. I see a sun shower in my future.


Thanks again and I’ll be taking pictures and video and posting them to FB. I can’t believe I have to get a FB account. I’ve resisted all of these years, but Aida and I need to let people know what is really going on there and not what is being shown on the news. We’ll try to make contact with people others have still not been able to contact and send pics and messages back to their families in between stabilizing our families.


With much love and gratitude,

Cindy, Doug, and Shelby


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