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News Listings for July 2011

08:38 PM

The Monthly Club Meeting event is coming up!

09:25 AM
(CV4W - by Scramblinman

If anyone is interested, we could place an order with SBNFA and save a few bucks. E-mail me @  and we can work this out.

The off road spare tire trash bag

Straps to tires, rollbars, tailgates & ladders
Holds up to 50lbs!
All double stitched webbing
Made from heavy duty denier canvas
Built in 8: zipper in top flap for storage
“X” strap keeps load secure
Drain holes for any unexpected leaks
Fits tires from 30” – 40”
UV buckle covers to protect from elements
Water resistant PVC interior coating
Available in black, tan or green

MSRP $44.99 but we have the opportunity to purchase the TRASHAROO for a group price of $35.00 each!!
And if you, your group, or club are interested, for a one time set up fee of $100 you can have your logo screen printed onto your TRASHAROO.

For ordering information :
Please contact Tim Crawford
714-637-1148 (cell)

07:53 PM
(CV4W - by X Man

I just received this in an email from another club I am in. 

We need to act now.

From a email from Terry Work Pres Pt Mugu 4x4

I received a call today from Amy Granat that it was found out today
that Miller Jeep trail & Lockwood Valley are on a new list for
closure - and while this is a "used" trail it is list due to outher non
used trails that connect What is needis for everyone to email John
Stewart tonight and let him know that we oppose this closure! the
Meeting is tomorrow and our input is needed now!
Orginal email from Amy:

over the scoring in advance of the meeting Thurs is depressing. If they
get into prioritizing the system trails for closure we stand to lose
some of the best trails on the MPRD. Near the top of the hit list are: or 
Snowy 19W04
Halfmoon-Kinkaid/ Piru Creek 20W07
Arrastra - 20W05
Miller Jeep/Lockwood Valley - 20W06

these are just a few. It's really confusing because you have to track
down every route on the list and then find it on the map and the route
numbers aren't always consistent with older maps.There isn't much to do
at this point because it's a "consensus agreement" and part of the
stipulated settlement. I'm hoping they stick to non-system routes, but
I've been concerned about the terms of the agreement from the beginning
because they include system routes. This is far worse than a wilderness
bill ( they usually leave established OHV routes alone) and far worse
than Travel Management ( they did not look at system routes).

confess I don't know what trails the other routes, but we need to get
the message out to John that there is no compromise on the Miller, and
the best people to do this are the clubs and
club members who value the trail. Please send this out to everyone you
know who is involved, and perhaps contact Mark to make sure he
understands the importance of this trail to the Southern District.

John's contact info:
John Stewart 
Natural Resources Consultant - South 

Telephone: 619-390-8747 
11:26 AM
(CV4W - by Scotch

Our Adopt a Trail page has a new feature... reports!  In the past these were just posted to the news area, now they have a section of their own.

You can see them on the Adopt a Trail page here:  (under the INFO section of the website).

All three reports are now there, and future ones will be added about every 3-6 months.

Again, all this data / time is given by Pathfinder... big thanks for providing it!

01:02 AM
02:23 PM
(CV4W - by Scotch

I keep planning to make an ACTUAL Adopt-A-Trail section in the info area of the website.  I hope to do it by next meeting!

From Pathfinder:

Last Thursday I went up to our adopted trail to check things out. Greg Hoffmann has replaced the decals on the metal trail sign which had been previously removed by people using the sign for target practice. He has also installed another metal trail sign down at the junction of our trail 2N90 and 2N02.

Trail:  Tip Top Mountain, 2N90, 2N90A, 2N90B & 2N90C

Club:   Capo Valley 4 Wheelers

Reported by: Bob Schaich (Capo Valley 4 Wheelers Adopt A Trail Co Coordinator)

Date:  Thursday, June 30, 2011

Weather: Clear, Calm, mid 70’s,

Work Performed:    Spent my time on Tip Top disguising an unauthorized trail located on the right side of 2N90 at mile point .637 at the junction of 2N90C. It appears dirt bikers and ATV’s have been using this.
Work Performed By:  Bob Schaich,
Travel Time to Big Bear and
Return Home, Per Person:     6 Hours x 1 person = 6 Hours           

Hours Worked, Per Person:         6 Hours x 1 person = 6 Hours

Total Man Hours:  12 Hours

My approach to Tip Top was by way of 2N01 & 2N02 from highway 38. In the area of Broom Flats I passed a yellow hummer with two males inside parked along side the road. Later in the day that same vehicle drove up Tip Top and we had a conversation for about 20 min. When I left Tip Top I drove back on 2N02 & 2N01. In the vicinity of the Rose Mine I saw 2 dirt bikers heading south on 2N02.  In the area of Broom Flats I passed a white pickup truck with a slide on camper heading north on 2N04. At 5 pm two forest service pickup trucks, one green with a male driver and the other white with a female driver passed me on 2N01. They were heading east on 2N01.

* Forest service fiscal year is from Oct 1, 2010 to Sept 30, 2011

10:37 PM

jim & Chris's Rig, Short Bus, has been updated.

09:28 AM

Steelman's Product, Wheel Spacers, has been updated.

09:26 AM

Steelman's Product, Wheel Spacers, has been updated.

08:15 PM

The SBNF Adopt A Trail Quartely meeting event is coming up!

05:14 PM

Pathfinder has created the SBNF Adopt A Trail Quartely meeting event.

04:32 PM
(CV4W - by mogman

My friend Mike son Jake is working on his Eagle Scout project and wants to work on the trail system at Wilomar OHV and the trails on North Main Divide. Better maps, trail signs, benches exc... Did I mention that he is only 13 years old and already doing his Eagle project.

As part of his job he must delegate the work on to other volunteers. He has talked with the head of the Cleavland forest trails system and she is on board. I told him he is welcome to put together a presentation to show us at the next meeting.

05:49 PM

Pirate has created the Big Bear event.

04:42 PM

OCMerrill's Rig, OCMerrill, has been updated.

04:41 PM

OCMerrill's Rig, OCMerrill, has been updated.

04:36 PM

OCMerrill's Product, 2005 LJ Rubicon Sahara SOLD, has been updated.

04:34 PM

OCMerrill's Rig, OCMerrill, has been updated.

08:26 PM

The SBNFA Volunteer meeting event is coming up!

03:12 PM
03:09 PM
03:08 PM
02:58 PM

OK's Rig, La Poderosa, has been updated.

02:56 PM

OK's Rig, La Poderosa, has been updated.

02:52 PM

OK's Rig, La Poderosa, has been updated.

02:51 PM

Charlie has added a new video called, Sunset at Eureka Dunes Death Valley National Park California March 2009 4x4. Click here to view now.

Friday, July 08, 2011
00:04:50 length
(Travel, Eureka Dunes, Death Valley National Park, California, 4x4 trails, Sunset, tourism)

Eureka Dunes Death Valley National Park California March 2009 4x4 trails.
Capo Valley 4 Wheelers. video music edit charlie. Camp Capo. Desert. Sunset at Eureka Dunes. Sand Dunes. song eureka dunes.

02:51 PM

OK's Rig, La Poderosa, has been updated.

01:48 PM

The Sherman Pass / Monache Meadows Trip event is coming up!

06:39 PM

Maverick has updated the Monthly Club Meeting event.

11:17 AM
(CV4W - by mogman

Holcomb is now open!!!!!
10:21 AM
(CV4W - by mogman

I broke a front coil in the Mog up in Big Bear and want to swap them for a softer spring and doing some research others have used stock Jeep coils. So who has some siting on a shelf in the garage that they want to sell cheap?
03:09 PM

Scotch's Rig, Vader, has been updated.

08:38 PM

The Monthly Club Meeting event is coming up!

11:59 PM

OCMerrill's Product, 2005 LJ Rubicon Sahara, has been updated.