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September 27th 2014



Annual Adopt-A-Trail Event/  Annual Bar-B-Que

RSVP by 9/13 only

You must RSVP to attend... by 9 /12

 Please attend if you rsvp

All adopt a trail clubs partiipate in this event.

Event will be held at Big Bear Discovery Cente. . Be there at noon... lunch begins at 1PM

Bring a chair.  Bring a desert. Bring your drinks. (Water will be on-site)

Avivise number in your party for attendeance  by aduts and kids.

Wear your adopt a trail T- shirt

Call jeepfrog at 714-281-6307 for info



  • There will be offsite parking available when the parking lot fills up. Danny Bogner has volunteered to shuttle folks. Details TBA.
  • Northwoods Resort offers discounts to AAT volunteers in case you want to spend the weekend up there.
  • The Cal 4 Wheel sweepstake Jeep will be there, so bring your checkbook! Check it out at  
  • EACH PERSON MUST RSVP this year, no exceptions. If you don't RSVP, you don't eat and you don't get any goodies! PLEASE let us know if you are bringing any kids and their ages so we can have goodies for each of them as well. We don't want to leave anyone out. 


There are currently 3 attendees of this event.

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