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Capo Valley 4 Wheelers
Capo Valley Four Wheelers

Death Valley

March 27th 2015


This trip will include Fish Canyon Escape Trail, Goler Wash, Echo Canyon, and Cottonwood Springs. If you are towing it is usually possible to leave your tow vehicle at Ballarat. The trip should be rated a 2/3. The roads are not maintained but not exceptionally difficult, although there are a few spots that require 4wd Low. Folks without a lift or skid plates should be aware that body and underbody damage is highly likely.

We will be dry camping for two nights but if someone wanted to push hard it may be possible to stay in the hotel at Furnace Creek and still take part in the trek.  There will be an opportunity Saturday morning to top off with fuel and purchase supplies as needed in Furnace Creek. It is highly recommended to top off with fuel prior to leaving Furnace Creek on Saturday.

Bring some firewwod.

Notre:  Some folks who are not busy on monday may want to stay over an additional day or two. We can discuss additional possible routes later.

Run Checklist

Always Required

  • HAM Radio on 146.550 MHz
  • Full-Sized Spare Tire
  • Seat Belts
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Battery Tiedown
  • Working Brakes
  • Tow Straps
  • Tow Points

Run Requirements

  • 33+ Sized Tire
  • 2+ Suspension Lift
  • 4LO Transfer Case
  • Roll Cage
  • Camping Supplies

Additional Notes

Also required are, seat belts, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and battery tie down. A hard top may be substituted for a roll cage.

Trail Rating

Trail Rating 2+

Difficulty Level: 2+

Trail Rating 1 Graded road; Any 4x4 vehicle or higher clearance 2x4 vehicle with no other modifications
Trail Rating 2 Road rarely maintained; 4x4 with no low bumpers. Anti-sway bar disconnects recommended. Minimum 30" tires and some off-road experience is helpful
Trail Rating 3 Difficult terrain and road rarely maintained; 33" tires, Suspension lift, Off-road driving experience, body armor and Rear locker recommended. Stock vehicles will likely take damage
Trail Rating 4 Very difficult terrain, road never maintained; 33" tires, sway-bar disconnects, Rear locker, and Rock sliders required. 35" tires, front locker, Full cage, and 4:1 transfer-case recommended. Chance of mechanical failure and body damage
Trail Rating 5 Extremely difficult terrain with large obstacles and roll over potential; Full cage required, 37" tires strongly recommended. Good chance of mechanical failure and strong chance of body damage


Rendezvous @ 6th Street Chevron in Norco

On March 27th meet at 0700 at the 6th Street Chevron station  in Norco.


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